What we do

Web Design

Whether you are an individual starting up on your own or a multinational corporation - we have the web development skills that will meet your needs. We design, develop and optimize all types of websites... from basic webpages, to full featured enterprise websites.

Software Development

Stay on top with custom designed and developed cloud based web applications, desktop applications, and mobile apps that run and monitor your business and measure KPI's from anywhere.


Using Search Engine Optimization techniques we can improve the performance and visibility of any website.


Customer Centric eCommerce. Take your business to the next level by creating simple and engaging experiences for your end users. We help our clients create incredible user-centric eCommerce solutions that increase conversions. Platform Technology’s E-Commerce solution...

Mobile App Development

Android, iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Universal Windows Apps are great ways to grow your business. We develop both cross platform mobile apps built on HTML5 and Cordova, or native phone apps (iPhone & iPad applications built with Objective-C or Android apps developed...

Internet Marketing

So you have finished web development and launched your site… what’s next? There are three main ways to increase brand exposure on the internet: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click Advertising and Social Media.

Film and Video Production

Digital video and advert production. Film Direction, Screenwriting, Editing, Sound Design, and VFX.