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SLT Launches 100mbps Fibre to the Home Broadband in Sri Lanka

Friday, April 4th 2014

Sri Lanka Telecom has launched 100mbps Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband in Sri Lanka.

After visiting two branches in Colombo today (Havelock Town and Maradana), it appears that the services is not rolled out to everyone just yet. Some of the current available locations include apartment complexes around Colombo such as Crescat Apartments, Empire, Spathodea Apartments, etc.

The faster speeds will enable Sri Lankans do more online: businesses can create and run more complex web applications in the cloud without worrying about the user experience for employees and clients, mainstream consumers can stream HD and 4K video online, gamers can connect, host, play games and broadcast more easily without lag, and much more!

After an initial installation payment of either 25,000/=LKR or 30,000/=LKR, users can stay on their existing packages and still take advantage of the much higher speeds without paying higher monthly rental fees!

SLT Fibre Broadband Packages include:
100mbps Download / 50mbps Upload
50mbps Download / 25mbps Upload

Below is a pic of the FTTH Packages leaflet:
SLT Fibre to the Home - FFTH - Broadband Packages

Platform Technology will be following this story, so stay tuned for updates!