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Visual Studio now includes Xamarin – FREE

Friday, April 1st 2016

MICROSOFT ON A ROLL: Last month, Microsoft bought Xamarin, a platform that allows iOS and Android cross platform development using C#. At its Build developer conference yesterday, the company announced that Xamarin is now included with every Visual Studio version.

Xamarin lowers the barrier to entry for mobile app development. With Xamarin, developers can:

  • develop iOS apps on their Windows PC,
  • develop apps without needing to learn Objective-C,
  • use the same code base to publish on other platforms such as Android and Windows Phone.

This is a great decision by Microsoft – and one that has been following a set of other great developer friendly announcements by the company recently including the ability to turn any retail Xbox One console into a developer kit, and the ability for Universal Windows Apps to be published to third party stores.