Platform Technology has performed the following services for QUADRANGLE

  • Full Web Design and Development
  • Internet Payment Gateway integration
  • Members Area – for paid premium content and free content. User’s have different profile levels.
  • Inquiry / Lead Management System
  • Content creation for the company’s website


About Quadrangle

“The word “Quadrangle”, may mean an empty space or a design with four points and six lines to some. But for those who spent some parts of their lives in a Quadrangle and institution, this would mean plenty of memories. It was a place to meet and to share stories amongst friends. Of course in between a place to get reprimanded in public for all misdeeds. Nevertheless, those who grew up Quandrangles, like you and me, and all those who come from Quadranguler schools would place great value and respect not only to the institution but also to those who guided them to become who they are today. Some friendships built at Quadrangles last for a lifetime with fond memories lingering in our minds”.

For more information please visit http://quadrangle.lk