Platform Technology has performed the following services for T K Consulting Consortium

  • Full Website Design and Development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Content creation for the company’s website


About TKCC

With a passion for innovation in business we partner organisations to make a difference with an impact to their growth and sustainability.

Our services are clustered into two areas of specialisation – Business Consulting and Corporate Training.
As business consultants we engage with client teams in analysing and improving business processes, business models, performance management systems and developing competency frameworks for people development. This is an integrated approach to improve overall business results through robust systems and processes. Our delivery mechanisms are designed to transfer knowledge, skills and technology through a client centric internalization approach. In doing so we enable our clients to build capabilities necessary to sustain the process of continuous improvement, focus on results and build more competitive businesses.

From a training perspective we endeavour to equip our clients with the most recent business knowledge and skills required to stay relevant in a dynamic business environment – for both individuals and organisations. Each interactive training session not only reflect our passion but also ensures ease of learning complex concepts and skills. Packed with illustrations and audio visual examples we not only make these session interesting and lively but also build confidence for practical application. Where required, follow up sessions are conducted to ensure internalisation of the learning outcomes from these workshops.

For more information, please visit: http://tkcconsortium.com